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Delaying Childbirth Leads to Higher Risk of Infertility

Fourteen percent or more babies born to females over the age of thirty five since the 1980s British couples are waiting more than ever before attempting to get the kids of theirs, and also by the point they decide to build a family members, it might be a great deal more complicated. Female's fertility is age associated and additionally the drop speeds up through the mid thirties onwards one, making it more difficult to conceive and also give birth to a healthy infant. Along with trouble conceiving, couples that decide to conceive after the era of thirty five are sometimes found facing numerous complications - these include chances of miscarriage and also the danger of chromosomal problems to the infant two. In the UK the movement towards delaying childbirth has become on the rise in the past 4 years. Federal statistics indicate that in the 1980s, just six % of pregnancies happened over the age of thirty five, though this particular number has tripled to a whopping twenty % in 2010

Why are women having children later in life?

Why are women having children later in life?